Jess Felzy

The Sass talking, beer drinking girl from the sunny coast...
Meet Felzy - the grassroots amassador that we support just cause she's livin' the dream, driving her 4x4 and repping the Racewheels and Method brands.

Why we support Jess Felzy

Jess Felzy is a local Sunshine Coast chick who just wants to live her best life. 

She doesn't have a million followers on the gram, she's not trying to rep every brand and get a tonne of free swag - she's just doing her thing and living life to get outdoors in her 4x4.

Just to set the record straight, Jess has bought every set of Method's she's ever owned and she's been happy to help us represent the brand from her hard-earned money. 

That's why we love her - she might be sassy, she might out drive the lads but she's original and she is herself. 

You do you Felzy ✌🏽

@felzy__'s Socials

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Many challenges arise on this journey, developing a brand as an creator/athlete is one of the hardest to overcome. Yet this is how they must attract the attention needed to open more doors for their career. Our main focus is to help our Racewheels Australia Ambassador team to develop their personal brand and grow within and beyond their sport/niche.
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