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The 312 Standard HD Wheel features a tough 6 windowed point design with debossed METHOD logos. The lip undercut simulates a true beadlock wheel and has replaceable lip bolts with optional colours available. It boasts a strong 2,650- 3,640 lbs. load rating.

Size Bolt Offset Spacing: 17x8.5 > 5x150 > 0x4.75"

17x8.5 > 5x150 > 0x4.75"
17x8.5 > 6x5.5 > 0x4.75"
17x9 > 5x150 > -12x4.5"
17x9 > 6x5.5 > -12x4.5"
18x9 > 5x150 > 18x5.75"
For complete installation include the following:
Lug Nuts

Lug Nut Kit

Lug Nuts

Valve Stem Caps

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