Standard Wheels

The Method Standard wheel range is our standard for everyday use. Trucks, vans, SUVs, CUVs and more.

These are non-beadlock wheels that are designed for daily driven use. 

Over the years, we've added wheels to the range, starting from the original 301's. With over 40 styles and colours to choose from, this is our core range that you'll see most often. 

A few years ago, we've added the Heavy Duty Range to this street collection, any wheel that you see with "HD" in the title will be suited for vehicles with GVM upgrades, or heavy payload or hitch loads. These HD wheels are designed tougher but look that same as our standard range. 

Our other street driven range, with a little more performance is the Trail series. This series is where we've began to design with beadgrip technology, to help hold your tyres beads at much lower pressures. 

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